Chatbot service up and running

I have a chat bot service up and running. You can find this service at Head on over and take a look. I am really exited about the things that I have going on right now in my internet business. I am developing some of my own e-products and look forward to getting them online and available. My biggest hurdle that I am dealing with is Traffic. I don’t have the resources to pay for ads. I need to figure something out. Anyway, this blog is turning out to be my thoughts page. Till next time…

About Me

This is a blog about myself. I am jack of all trades guy. Experienced in a plethora of things, professional in nothing. The closest thing to profession for me is mechanic. I recently started to learn about Affiliate and Email marketing. That is what I want to do for a living. I see a huge potential for growth and a lot of money being made. I am 42 years young, I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am learning so many new things. When I have a better understanding about what I am doing I will be blogging about the things I have learned. Until next time